How to Use LuxeWash DIY Dog Washing Stations

  • November 23, 2016
  • Published by: Luxe Wash
LuxeWash DIY Dog Wash - Happy dog being washed at LuxeWash DIY Dog Wash Station

We all love a fluffy freshly washed pooch, unfortunately, sometimes this seems like a distant desire. When the inevitable four letter word (bath) is whispered it can have your pup running a mile, not to mention making a mess at home.

At LuxeWash Red Bank Plains we have DIY dog washing stations that will make the b.a.t.h experience stress-free for you and your pooch. Our DIY dog washing stations are state of the art in technology and product.

The DIY stations are equipped with environmentally friendly products that nourish and protect your pooch’s coat and skin. With the LuxeWash DIY stations, your will confidence knowing that your pooch is getting clean with specialty products in a safe, eco-friendly environment.


LuxeWash DIY stations are easy for you and your pooch. Our stations let you groom your pup while avoiding making a mess at home. Use our stations with confidence knowing your pooch is safe and secure. All the stations are equipped with products which are tough on dirt, fleas, and ticks, but soft on your pooch’s coat and skin. The DIY dog wash stations have everything you’ll need from shampoo, flea and tick treatments, disinfectants, conditioner, and blow dryers. Come and go with convenience knowing that your pooch has had a stress free bath using quality products. The benefits don’t stop there!

LuxeWash DIY Stations Benefits

  • No appointment necessary
  • Fully self-contained facility
  • A safe secure space for pups of all sizes
  • No more back-breaking bending with ergonomic height
  • All equipment and products are at hand
  • Environmentally friendly
  • conveniently located in Red Bank Plains
  • Easy to use stations
  • No mess at home
  • Prices that are easy on your wallet


How to Use the Station:

The LuxeWash DIY stations are fully automated, so you can come and go as you please. The stations are $1 per minute starting at $10 for 10 minutes. Come for a quick wash or stay for a luxurious pooch pampering with all the trimmings. LuxeWash DIY stations have all the products you could need for a clean, flea free, fluffy pooch.

Step 1:
Put your pooch on the platform and secure him
Step 2:Dog Wash redbank plains - Luxe Wash
Insert money – starting at $10 for 10 minutes. Simply had an extra dollar or two for a couple more minutes pampering.
Step 3:
Follow the instruction on the panel, working from shampoo, to flea and tick shampoo, and conditioner.
Step 4:
Don’t let your hard work go to waste, take a few minutes to thoroughly dry your pooch with the professional groomer standard high-powered blow-dryer.

More than a Bath: DIY Dog Wash Station Perks

  • Low water consumption
  • A safe secure space for your pup
  • Non-slip floor
  • Low environmental impact
  • High quality environmentally friendly products
  • Simple to use
  • Professional quality dryer
  • Engineered for reliability
  • 100% Made in Warrnambool, Australia


Next time your pooch needs a wash look no further than the convenient LuxeWash DIY Stations. While you are visiting LuxeWash, spruce up your car with our automatic car washing service. LuxeWash – luxe on quality, not on price!