Picking the Right Type of Carwash For You: Self-Service vs. Automatic

  • October 20, 2016
  • Published by: luxewash
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Is it time for another car wash, but you are not quite sure which is the best way to about it? Choosing between a self-service and automatic car wash can often be time consuming and difficult. But, since the best method for you may not be the best method for your next-door neighbour, here are some tips to help you out.


Who Should Join the Automatic Carwash Club?

Touch Free Automatic Carwash - Luxe Wash

First things first, let’s settle one of the greatest worries car owners have about automatic car washing – car damage. I can already hear the murmur of your brain, “won’t my car get scratched?” But, the beauty of an automatic carwash at Luxe Wash is that it’s touch free. None of those scary bristles that remind you of a whale’s mouth. None of those daunting strips of cloth make you feel you are in between the tentacles of a jellyfish.

Our touchless methods use high-pressure water and detergents to clean the dirt and grime off your car without even touching it. All of this is to help keep your mind at ease and ensure your car comes out scratch-free.

The perks of getting automatic carwashes do not end there. This hassle-free method promotes regular car washing, which in the long run helps preserve the exterior finish of your car.


The Busy Body

If you find that you are always on the go with barely anytime to spare, an automatic carwash would be the right fit for you. Automatic carwashes are a fast and convenient way to keep your car clean.

Cleaning your car might be the last thing on your mind, but regular car washing is important for preventing exterior damage to your car.


The Adventure Seeker

Outback Road Trip in Car

Whether you are an outdoor junkie with a love for the dirt road or just a lover of long drives, an automatic wash is the choice for you. Being an adventure seeking, you might find that your car quickly builds up with dust and dirt. You might also find that if you are parked outdoors a lot, your car may collect bird-droppings and tree sap, which is not the kind of collector you want to be.

The best way to avoid unwanted build-up is to make frequent trips to the car wash and a quick automatic wash is the easiest way.


Who Should Join the Self-Service Carwash Club?

Sponge Car Wash

There is no doubt that a self-service carwash requires a bit more of your focus and energy than an automatic wash. But, the advantages of this hands-on approach are endless. For one, you are in complete control of how your car is cleaned. You call the shots and decide the level of cleaning and time taken on your car at each visit. Don’t worry though if you find yourself a little lost, as there is still assistance available.

A self-service car wash also helps you keep an eye out for coat cracks, rust spot and paint damage. By paying close attention to your car, you can ensure that your paint job is always spic and span.


The Luxury Lover

If your car is your pride and joy and you treat it is as if it was your own child, then a self-service carwash is for you. With a self-service wash you can pay attention to trouble spots on your car and give your car the special attention it deserves. By hand washing your car you can take as much time as you need and leave a car hood so clean you can see your face in it.


The Family Man or WomanFamily Washing Car

This may seem like an odd category to put in to the self-service section, but it’s really quite clever. By taking your kids to the car wash and getting them to hand wash the car with you, you can turn chores into a fun family activity. A bonus is that you can secretly teach your kids about responsibility without them even knowing.


For further questions about how our automatic and self-service carwashes work, contact Luxe Wash on 0428 755 327.