What a clean car says about you

  • April 11, 2016
  • Published by: Luxe Wash
What washing a car says about you - Luxe Wash

Your car says so much about you: and even if you’re usually adept at revealing only the aspects of your personality that you’re comfortable sharing, it could be telltaling you to your friends and acquaintances.

What’s more, it’s not the make or model that’s exposing who you are and how you operate: it’s how clean it is. A clean car is obviously good for the car.

It helps to prevent damage to the finishes and body, keeping it looking newer longer, and costing you less in the long run by reducing the chances of having to remove rust and redo cracked paint jobs.

But a clean car also speaks volumes about your values and the kind of person you are, giving your prospective partners and friends a good first impression—just as much as a dirty car becomes a liability, revealing the behaviours and attitudes that you’d like to keep hidden.


You have an eye for detail

People with clean cars often have clean homes as well, and will usually dress nicely. But it’s not about status, it’s about paying attention: they notice when things are out of place, and they make the effort to fix them.

Having an eye for detail means that you care what’s going on around you. You’re bothered by the things that bother other people, like unsightly mess and bad smells—and that’s a good thing because you’re not oblivious to filth.

It shows that your idea of a clean car (or kitchen, or toilet) is the same as other people’s idea of clean, so they’re not taking a big risk when they travel with you or set foot in your home. You face up to your problems Having a clean car reveals to your conquests and new friends that you don’t ignore the problems that arise in your daily life.

You don’t bury your head in the sand and your problems will go away—even if they’re small problems like dirt and bad smells. You deal with them, because you prefer to enjoy living in beauty and cleanliness.

Driving a clean car shows that you’re more than capable of taking measures to solve your problems, and you’re a winner because you even take the time to fix the small ones.


You’re good with money

Your car doesn’t need to be a top-of-the-range luxury car to show that you’re responsible with money: it just has to be clean. An older mid-range car that’s well cared for is more of a testament to your frugality than a flashy status symbol that only shows how much cash you can waste.

If your car is older but it looks and smells fresh and clean, it shows that you take care of your investments. It shows that you make wise financial commitments, andthat you get good value from the things you spend money on.

You’re not frivolous with your hard-earned dollars—you’re responsible.


You appreciate beautiful things

It’s a terrible hypocrisy to leave behind the tantalising aromas and ambient beauty of a decadent meal and good wine at a fancy restaurant, only to get into a smelly, dirty car.

A dirty car shows that you don’t notice ugliness—and how can you appreciate beauty if you can’t tell the difference? If you pay attention to the finer things in life, and enjoy all the senses you have, it will be reflected in the cleanliness of your car.

Driving a clean car demonstrates that you appreciate the creature comforts of your life—including the streetlights illuminating your car’s shining finish at night, the smell of a freshly cleaned interior, and the feel of your soft upholstery as you relax into your seat.

It shows that you’re stopping to smell the roses, and you foster beauty and appreciation in your daily life by taking care of your belongings.


You’re a good partner

The first impression is everything. And if you’ve had dates or meetings in the past that began swimmingly only to fizzle out after saying goodbye in the car park or dropping someone home, it’s probably not because of anything you did—it was probably the car.

There’s virtually no potential partner who wouldn’t be put off by the bad smells and filth of takeaway containers, dirty clothes and messes of papers and plastic bags—and would you really want one that wasn’t?

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a 10-year old mid-range car, or a brand new luxury model, a clean car shows that you’re a safe bet. You’re not reckless, offensive, selfish or juvenile: you’re a responsible adult who takes care of their possessions and enjoys a stable life.

It also shows others that you’ll be attentive to their needs, and you won’t hesitate to make them comfortable, because it’s natural to you. Your car is an extension of yourself. Whether you like it or not, people will evaluate you according to how you maintain you personal belongings, whether they’re as big as your home and furniture or as small as your mobile phone.

Your car is a significant investment, and taking care of it well speaks volumes about your personality: which is why you should take advantage of your local 24-hour car wash.

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