Protect your car from rusting by avoiding these things

  • April 7, 2016
  • Published by: Luxe Wash
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The importance of keeping you car clean is more than just aesthetic reasons – it can also prevent premature damage to your car. Regular car cleaning removes dirt and particles that settle into grooves or minor abrasions on the car’s surface.

Cars are primarily made from metal, with a lick of coloured paint and a clear coat protectant, making it look nice and glossy. While a car’s paint job makes it look appealing, the paint also plays an important job in protecting the car’s surfaces, especially against rust.

If that clear coat protectant gets compromised your car can become damaged by exposure to the everyday elements such as moisture, animal droppings and debris resulting in lots of small scratches.  Once your car begins to rust it is difficult to undo the damage and restore your vehicle to its former glory.

Maintaining your car regularly can prevent serious damage and preserve the look and value of your car. The key to keeping a rust-free car is by stopping rust before it can start. Or at least address it before it eats away at your car.

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Protect from Temperature

One of the worst things that can be harmful to your cars paint is temperature. In Brisbane, Queensland extreme temperatures are often unavoidable. As a vehicle is exposed to harmful temperatures the paint can change or expand causing cracking’s, these cracks allow for water and moisture to trickle in and eventually cause rust.

A good way to help prevent this paint damage is to keep your car garaged and to use the right paint protection products on the car.

Bird and Bat Droppings

Brisbane has a number of birds and bats species, which are a real threat to the condition of your car. Bird and bat droppings contain chemicals that can be very harmful to your cars paint. One of the main ways of combating this is parking under cover free from trees and the night’s sky.

However another way is immediately removing them with warm soapy water and gently rubbing with a sponge or soft brush. Treating your car to a immaculate clean at Luxe Car Wash can also help with these animal problems.

Improper Car Washing

Many people run out of car cleaning products and substitute with household products such as detergent and soap. You mustn’t use these products when washing a car as they may contain harmful chemicals that can cause the paint on your car to strip or deteriorate, and eventually cause rust.

It’s best to trust the professionals at Luxe Wash who use an array of products within the machines which are safe on your car and get the job done right every time.

Scratches and Abrasions

It’s important to look for chips and nicks in the paint on your car regularly. You should maintain your cars body like everything else. The most likely areas to check for rust would be in and around the wheels and on the fenders immediately behind the tyres. The front of your car can also catch flying stones from other cars, making this a problem area as well.wash your tyres - car wash brisbane Luxe Wash

With a small nick exposing bare metal in an unnoticeable location, it’s just a matter of time until rust forms. Prevent rust by keeping the underside of your car clean, including the tyres, and area that’s prone to salt or road grime. If you chip the paint on your car, clean promptly and apply touch-up paint or consult your professional car dealer or local car garage. Otherwise wash your car as soon as possible to avoid any erosion.

Simple car maintenance including taking your car to an automatic car wash or DIY hand wash will help prevent the car’s susceptibility to rust. Using the handheld pressure wands at Luxe Wash are really good for getting into those spaces where rust can form. As the weather warms up, think about regularly washing your car and following our tips above to avoid future rust.

We recommend bringing your car down for a sudsy wash and a good coat of wax every 7-10 days to keep it clean, shiny and rust-free.

For any other questions or information on taking care of your car, please feel free to contact the team at Luxe Wash or come down to visit us in Redbank Plains!



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